Troféu do Algarve Regulation

Organic Regulation

Article 1

Singular Sport Lda. will organize on July 15th, 16th and 17th, 2022 the Algarve Trophy, which will be played in harmony with the laws of the Football 11 game.

Article 2

The following clubs participate in the Algarve 2022 trophy: Sport Lisboa and Benfica (Portugal), Fulham Football Club (England) and Olympique Gymnaste Club of Nice Côte d’Azur (France)

Article 3

The games are held at the Algarve Stadium in Loulé, with the following calendar:

  • July 15/2022 – 21h00

SL Benfica – OGC NICE


  • July 16/2022 – 20h15

OGC Nice vs Fulham FC


  • July 17/2022 – 20h15

SL Benfica vs Fulham FC


Being the laws of the game those contained in the technical regulation of the Portuguese Football Federation.

Article 4

The teams will play all against all, in a single system, one return.

The official ball of each team will be used, in each part of the game, the draw. Each team will provide the opponent for 20 heating balls, maintaining 10 for use in the part of it, being the organization responsible for the return of the 10 balls at the end of the game.

Article 5

The score to be attributed to the results achieved by the teams is the contained in the official test regulation of the Portuguese Football Federation, ie 3 points per win, 1 point per draw and 0 by defeat

The team with the highest number of points will be the winner of the Trophy.

Artigo 6º

The overall classification of clubs, which at the end of the tournament meet the same number of points depends, for tiebreaker, the following provisions, according to the order of priority

  1. a) The number of points achieved by the clubs tied in the game that made
  2. b) The biggest difference between the number of goals scored and the number of goals conceded by the tied clubs, in the games held throughout the competition
  3. c) the largest number of goals scored
  4. d) and the smallest of goals conceded

Article 7

If after the successive application of the criteria contained in the previous article there is still a situation of equality, the following tiebreaker process shall remain; At the end of each game of the tournament will be made one, and only one series of five kicks of the penalty brand, being awarded to each team 3 points per victory, 1 point per draw and 0 by defeat

7.1 Keeping punctual equality between two or more teams will apply, with incidence in the results achieved in the penalty mark of the penalty brand, the same provisions stipulated in Article 6

7.2 The equality will also be maintained, the following process will be observed, according to the order of priority

  1. a) biggest difference between the kicks of the penalty brand marked and those suffered in the series played at the end of the games;
  2. b) larger number of kicks of the penalty brand marked in the series played at the end of the games

7.3 If the equality will still be maintained, the team will win the lower average age of the players used in the tournament.


Article 8

In each game 3 stops may be made, with no substitution limit.

There will also be no limit on substitutions at half-time.


Article 9

The following special prizes will be awarded:

  1. a) Trophy to 1st, 2nd and 3rd classified
  2. b) Best player(vote on the responsibility of a jury consisting of journalists who cover the tournament)



Disciplinary regulation


Article 10

The trophy games will be directed by refereeing teams appointed by the Portuguese Football Federation.

Article 11

Any and all situation not provided for in this Regulation will be decided under the UEFA regulations.

Article 12

The organization of the trophy is not responsible for any

accident that may take place during the event, because all agents

participants in the trophy, will have to be covered by mandatory insurance

and stipulated by law.

Article 13

Any situation not provided for in this Regulation will be decided by the organization, under the terms of the body and spirit of the regulations of the Portuguese Football Federation


Tournament Organizing Committee


Article 14

The organization has created the tournament commission, which will be responsible for the tournament’s sports development and will have the competence to resolve all disputes, complaints and appeals that are not foreseen

Article 15

If necessary, the tournament commission will write a report related to the tournament and send to international football entities (FIFA / UEFA).



Complaints and appeals


Article 16

Complaints and appeals must be sent to the tournament committee, which will determine a definitive decision on the complaint or the appeal. The commission will not accept any complaints regarding occurrences during the game and related to arbitration.


Game rules


Article 17

All games will be played in accordance with the laws written by the ‘International Football Association’ (IFA3), (in force), unless it is not determined in the present way in this Regulation.